Professional healthcare services at industrial and remote sites.

QazMedPro organizes day to day medical staffing services, doctor and paramedic stations, in and out-patient medical facilities at industrial sites and remote rotational camps.

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Established in 2004, rebranded to QazMedPro in 2019. Head office is located in Almaty.

Our mission – high quality medical staffing and healthcare services at industrial and remote sites to protect life and health of your employees.

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Industrial sites in Kazakhstan


Qualified healthcare workers


Remote medical facilities throughout Kazakhstan

Comprehensive Care

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Comprehensive Care

Medical staffing and healthcare services at industrial and remote facilities and sites

All processes and equipment of our medical stations are standardized. Our paramedics and doctors have necessary education, qualification and experience. We develop individual emergency medical response plans and evacuation logistics for each project. Our health experts and specialists provide 24/7 support and tactical advisory to our medical staff on sites in difficult clinical situations.


Pre-shift and post-shift medical check-ups

Daily pre-trip, pre-shift and post-shift medical check-ups at industrial and remote sites.


24/7 Primary health care, diagnostics and pharmacy

We provide 24/7 primary and diagnostic care with pharmacological therapy, where necessary.


24/7 Emergency medical care

QazMedPro medical professionals qualified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support provide effective 24/7 emergency response and stabilization to sick or injured personnel at sites prior medical evacuation to the nearest healthcare facilities.


Medical evacuation

By using own ambulances and on-site doctors or feldshers QazMedPro evacuates sick or injured patients from sites to nearest medical facilities for further hospitalization. We ensure permanent availability of ambulance fleet and crew at the site.



QazMedPro supplies vaccines and performs seasonal flu vaccination.


Onsite health screening and occupational health checks

QazMedPro organizes on-site visits of qualified medical professionals with the equipment necessary to perform annual health screening of your employees to ensure early detection of occupational diseases and determine preventive measures.


Regular medical checkup of employees

QazMedPro specialists perform regular screening and monitor condition of employees with chronic and occupational diseases and those who recover after acute diseases. The screenings are performed to detect or prevent complications and exacerbations of possible diseases in a timely manner.



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Head Office:

050060, Almaty, Khodzhanov str, 2/2, Kazakhstan

Business Development Manager:

Nazgul Makhimova 
mob. phone: 8-701-534-97-60


Denis Pasechnikov 
mob. phone: 8-701-034 71 63

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